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ZuperDAC-S + Pi Zero W + Volumio = Network HiFi Music Player

Raspberry Pi Zero W with ZuperDAC-S

It is actually very easy to build a Network HiFi Music Player using ZuperDAC-S with Raspberry Pi Zero W running Volumio Audiophile Music Player software. The whole setup cost less than $100 and supports the following features:

- High resolution bit perfect music playback up to 192kHz 24-bit

- Wireless Network music playback through Airplay, DLNA Media Server, NAS, Spotify and Web Radio

- Control from WebUI or dedicated iOS and Android Volumio app

Here is a quick walk-through. Download Volumio from their website and burn into a micro-SD card. Insert the micro-SD card into the Pi Zero W card slot and connect ZuperDAC-S using our provided micro-USB to micro-USB cable. Connect ZuperDAC-S audio output to your amplifier and speaker system.

Connect 5V power to the Pi Zero W using the other micro-USB connector. Once the system power up, it will be in the hotspot mode which you can connect to SSID 'volumio' using the login password 'volumio2'. You can then enter the setup page at http://volumio.local/ which you can configure your Pi Zero W to connect to your local WiFi network. During the setup, you will also be prompted to select the audio output and remember to select ZuperDAC-S. After the setup is complete, wait for the system to restart and connect to your local WiFi network. That's it, relax and enjoy.

By the way, there is in fact a hiccup during the above setup. My router uses WiFi channel 13 and the default Volumio built disabled channel 12 and 13 (not allowed in US) so it cannot connect to my WiFi router. After I change my router to use WiFi channel 11, everything work like a charm.

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