Ztella USB-DAC


"The soundstage was as detailed as expected, and the frequencies I've come to expect in certain songs where there when I expected them to be. The real surprise came when I started listening to the same versions of these songs on Tidal.", Kris Wouk

"I am completely satisfied with Zorloo and their claims of what the Ztella can do. Not only is it ultra unobtrusive but as you can see I even found a new use for it as a standalone line-level driving DAC.", Louis Gonzalez.

"I was pleasantly surprised by the Zorloo Ztella, as this diminutive DAC really digs out the detail from your virtual music collection. Whether paired with Campfire's Polaris IEM, Erzetich Thalia or Oppo's PM-3, the Ztella has a clarity I wasn't expecting from something so compact.", Jay Garrett.

"As I said before, when I listened to both Ztella versions with non-MQA tracks, there wasn’t much of a difference in the sound. But when I played some MQA or “Tidal Masters” tracks from TIDAL, there was a very delicate upgrade in the sound of the MQA version over the Standard one.", Paul C.

"Cleanliness is one of the Ztella’s most abundant virtues, but it’s immediately noticeable how confident and playful it sounds. It appears to use the space in each mix to take great swings at each note as they’re hammered."

"In ROON the Zorloo Ztella is immediately recognized and configured. In short: plug and play. We can play MQA without any problems, as you can see in the overview of the signal path. We hear a neat, balanced sound of The Resistance by Muse as well as, for example, London Grammar and The War on Drugs.", JAAP VEENSTRA.

"When I put on "Ztella", I suddenly heard "Ooh". The sound quality changes so much. The range was very wide, and the resolution went up. The bass and singing voices that were unnecessarily loud are suppressed, and you can clearly hear the horn section, guitar, and back chorus that are sounding together."

"If you’re looking for an inexpensive solution to improve the sound quality of your laptop or phone, or you want to add a headphone jack to your smartphone, the Ztella is an excellent option. The price is right. It has nice power, and the compact form factor is significant because it doesn’t take up a ton of room in your bag.", Paul C.

"It’s refreshing to see that high-quality audio has become so small. The Zorloo Ztella really pushes the limit of what is possible: it’s so small it’s barely larger than a female 3.5 mm jack and a USB-C port with a cable in-between", Riccardo Robecchi.

"Listening to tracks I found that it added bass weight, increases treble definition and instrument separation. It gives a more spacious overall nicer sound.", Luke

"Воображаемая сцена широкая и естественная, объёмный-воздушный звук, все инструменты строго на своих местах. Если звук описать одним словом, однозначно назову «эмоциональным», во многом за счёт проработки высоких частот.", Денис

"Von meiner Seite bekommt der Ztella aufgrund seines sehr guten Klangs in einer sehr kompakten Form eine klare Kaufempfehlung!,", Eugen

"The soundstage is super wide and creates a holographic stage around you. Where both width and height are present but depth is less so it feels more realistic. Imaging is just astonishing, with well-mastered tracks, I can close my eyes and point out where individual instrument sound coming from,", Palash.

"bad guyは響く低音が魅力な曲ですが、その魅力をとてもよく引き出せるDACであると感じました。低音の芯がブレることもなく、鼓膜を揺らすような低音をダイレクトに感じることができます。Ocean Eyesでは、ボーカルの刺さりや擦れも感じることなくBillie Eilishの伸びやかな声を感じることができました。", 教皇

"You can hear that the bass has more body with ztella. With the iPhone adapter, you have the bass but with the Ztella, it has more refined impact and thump.", Alexander

"沒有整古做怪,這種不偏色、正路的聲底,不會限制用家的音樂口味,也不會把錄音質素差異放得特別大,反而着重把大部分錄音都播得活潑、動聽,加上推力不俗,連耳機配搭限制都不算大,這是 Zorloo Ztella 的可貴之處。", Archimedes

"Overall, Zorloo Ztella has balanced sound signature. Extremely please with its sound performance for such small form factor. Outstanding performance! Period.", Jayce

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"The Sound of the ZuperDAC-S is pretty neutral and detailed, while it shows a clean/hiss-free background which makes to a ideal source for the use with sensitive IEM's.", Gokhan

"Every aspect of your “stock” sound (coming directly from your phone) here is improved: punchiness and speed in bass, clarity, space for every instrument, control in highs. I really enjoyed this sound.", Riccarrdo

"ZuperDAC-S is like an icing on top of the cake. With its refined sound, it’s able to reduce the bad thing on your earphone on the mids and high region and bring out the best out of it without changing the sound signature.", Alexander

"You had one job, just one job, and the ZuperDAC-S lives by this mantra which is to output higher quality audio off portable devices in a simplified way.", John Real

"Звук нейтральный, сбалансированный, цап от себя ничего не добавляет, стараясь передать всё как есть.", kzndenis

"Once plugged in, it’s very clear to hear the difference between audio played through the Gemini’s own 3.5mm headphone jack, and the ZuperDAC, with the latter having much greater clarity.", Mike Halsey

"I can tell you this, the DAC does not disappoint. I really enjoy it, and it might be an ideal device for me. The bass gets lower than the build in DAC in SGS5 and in the Kindle HD 10, no harshness in the mids and really nice highs.", Viperxp

Mar 13, 2018

"All in all, the Zorloo ZuperDAC-S is an impressive little device. It offers a premium look and build combined with great efficiency and performance, all in a small package.", Aaron

"All in all, the Zorloo ZuperDAC-S is an impressive little device. It offers a premium look and build combined with great efficiency and performance, all in a small package. It also doesn’t have a huge “audiophile” markup that you’ll often find on mobile DACs aimed at this market.", Cinder

Mar 2, 2018

"The ZuperDAC-S is a well built and great sounding DAC for either someone who is just getting started with portable hi-res playback or someone who is looking for a simple way to upgrade their mobile auido.", hifitr5_wp