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zorloo ztella usb dac cable
Z t e l l a

Integrated USB-DAC Cable

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Upgrading your music listening experience has never been so easy. With the Ztella USB-DAC, it is simply plug and play. Connect to your phone and headphones, that's it! You are now ready to enjoy high definition audio from PCM 384K to DSD 5.6M. Did we mention MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) audio rendering support? Rock your Tidal Masters music and chill.
Ztella is the smallest USB-DAC with high-end audio capability that sounds great and is small, simple and efficient. It is the only accessory that you'll ever need to enjoy ​great music. ​It delivers a balanced, clear and articulated sound in a wide soundstage. The availability of HD Audio streaming is raising the expectation of audio quality and Ztella is designed to change the equation and bring HD audio enjoyment to the mainstream.
​Thanks to Ztella use of USB Audio Class 2 high speed, it is compatible with all popular OS platforms. Its USB-C native connector plus the bundled USB-A adapter allows you to connect to all popular mobile phones and computers. ​It supports all function at your headphone from mic input to key control. The integrated headphone amplifier will automatically detect and analyze the connected headphone to generate the ideal output levels. It can deliver an output of 2Vrms and more than twice the power of a standard smartphone.
Physical Interface
  • USB Type-C interface to your mobile phone or computer
  • 3.5mm audio phone jack to your headphones or speaker system
  • USB 2.0 High Speed and USB Audio Class 2 standard
Audio Format
  • HD Audio PCM sampling frequency up to 384kHz
  • HD Audio DSD sampling frequency up to 5.6MHz
  • MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) Certified Renderer (2nd unfold)
  • Ztella MQA version (MQA + PCM-384K + DSD-5.6M)
  • Ztella Standard version (PCM-384K + DSD-5.6M)
OS Support
  • Plug and play for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10
  • Inline headphones volume +/- and play/pause button control (Android headphone standard)
  • Automatic output level based on headphone impedance (1V for < 150 ohms, 2V for >= 150 ohms)
  • Mic input from headphones to your phone or computer (headphone with L/R/GND/MIC pin-out)please notice phone call function support depends on the OS 
Audio Performance​
  • Superior sound quality with ESS Sabre DAC technology (9281CPRO for MQA version and 9270C for Standard version)
  • SNR @ 120dB
  • THD+N @ 0.0006%
  • < 2 ohm output impedance
ID Design
  • Metallic gray color aluminum chassis
  • 11cm length and 5g weight
  • LED indicator (Blue for idle or SD audio <= 48kHz, Red for HD audio > 48kHz, Magenta for MQA content)
iPhone/iPad Connect
  • Optional lightning to USB-C receptacle cable or adapter to connect Ztella to your iPhone/iPad with lightning interface
Lightning Cable Illustration 1.gif
Lightning Adapter Ani 2.gif
MQA is an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the original master recording. The master MQA file is fully authenticated and is small enough to stream or download. Visit for more details
MQA product version will include MQA logo
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