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To wire or not to wire - that's not a question anymore. With Zophia Wire.less Earphone, we combine the best of wireless and wired earphone technology into a single design. It is the first Hi-Res audio and MQA ready earphone augmented with wireless features. You can now enjoy the convenience and tangle free operation through wireless plus the high fidelity lossless high resolution music by wire connection. Its patent pending auto switch technology automatically switch to the corresponding wireless or wired mode upon the connection status of the wire cable. It is so simple and elegant. 

To wire - Zophia earbud comes with a proprietary 4-pin receptacle interface (backward compatible with the standard 2-pin 0.78mm) that allows you to connect to the Zophia USB-C USB-DAC cable. This wired connection delivers true Hi-Res lossless audio for you to enjoy bit-perfect music. The USB-DAC cable inherit our Ztella technology and is enhanced to support sampling frequencies up to PCM 768kHz and DSD 22.5MHz. The MQA version added the support of MQA renderer feature. You can now fully experience the high definition audio content on Amazon Music, Apple Muisc, Deezer, Quboz, Spoftify, Tidal, just to name a few. 

Not to wire - You can also use Zophia without wire connection through its built-in latest Bluetooth v5.2 operation. It delivers super low latency audio for your different usages, be it media consumption, games, or voice call. Its built-in mic captures crystal clear dialogue in between your conversations with sophisticated echo cancellation. With AptX support, it delivers unmatched near CD quality playback. It has 5 hours of playing time plus an additional 20 hours through the charging case recharge. You will never run out of juice on your daily enjoyment.

Ergonomic Design - Based on extensive earpiece models, the earphone unique ergonomic design fits comfortably in your ears. With its custom 6mm neodymium dynamic driver carefully tuned for audiophile, it delivers amazing sound in all spectrum. All the drivers and electronics are carefully positioned for the best result inside our custom 3D print resin chassis. Its transparent black color adds a mystical and charismatic touch to the whole design. You can easily control the operation of the playback (play/pause/volume) by simply touching the surface of the earbuds.

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A Total Solution - Zophia is a total solution for HiFi music on the go and the perfect companion for music lover. No matter you are exercising or relaxing, Zophia dual operation modes comfortably meet your different needs and requirements. The whole package includes the Zophia wireless earbuds, Zophia USB-DAC USB-C cable (MQA or Standard version), eartips (L/M/S sizes), charging case, USB-A to USB-C charging cable and USB-C to USB-A adapter. You have all the combinations anytime, anywhere.

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Auto Switch - During the development, we found it hassle to turn on and off the Bluetooth for the different operation modes and thus invented the auto switch technology. This enables you to work seamlessly in between your different usage. 
  • Qualcomm QC3040 Bluetooth True WIreless Stereo SoC
  • Bluetooth v5.2 Standard Low Latency
  • Crystal clear Mic reception with echo cancellation
  • Support Audio Codec SBC, AAC, AptX
  • 5 hours of playing time
  • Additional 20 hours through charging case recharge
  • ESS Sabre 9281ACPRO High Performance SoC Audio DAC (MQA version)
  • ESS Sabre 9270C Higher Performance SoC Audio DAC (Standard version)
  • USB Type-C interface to your mobile phone or computer
  • USB 2.0 High Speed and USB Audio Class 2 standard
  • HD Audio PCM sampling frequency up to 768kHz (MQA version) or 384kHz (Standard version)
  • HD Audio DSD sampling frequency up to 22.5MHz (MQA version) or 5.6MHz (Standard version)
  • MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) Certified Renderer (MQA version only)
  • Plug and play for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10/11
  • Transparent black 3D print resin chassis
  • Custom 6mm Neodymium Dynamic driver
  • Proprietary 4-pin receptacle wire interface (backward compatible with standard 0.78mm 2-pin design) to USB-DAC cable
  • 6.2g weight each
  • IPX4 Sweat and Water Resistant
  • Matte black aluminum chassis
  • USB Type-C interface to your mobile phone or computer
  • Proprietary 4-pin wire interface to earbuds (backward compatible with standard 0.78mm 2-pin design)
  • 1.3m length and 13g weight 
  • SNR @ 120dB
  • THD+N @ 0.0006%
  • LED indicator (Blue for idle or SD audio <= 48kHz, Red for HD audio > 48kHz, Magenta for MQA content)
Complete Package
  • One pair of Zophia wireless earbuds
  • One Zophia USB-DAC USB-C Cable (MQA or Standard version)
  • Three pairs of eartips (L/M/S sizes)
  • One charging case
  • One USB-C charging cable
  • One USB-C to USB-A adapter
  • One Quick Start Guide
iPhone/iPad WIre Connect
  • Optional lightning to USB-C receptacle cable or adapter to connect Zophia USB-DAC cable to your iPhone/iPad with lightning interface
MQA is an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the original master recording. The master MQA file is fully authenticated and is small enough to stream or download. Visit for more details
MQA product version will include MQA logo
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