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T001. ZuperDAC/ZuperDAC-S Windows 7/8/10 USB Audio Class 2 Driver Installation

ZuperDAC Driver Install

Step 1


Download ZuperDAC Windows driver from page and save it in your PC.  Double click the driver and start the installation

Step 2


Windows will prompt you for authorization to install the driver and make changes to the computer.  The verified publisher should be 'Zorloo (HK) Limited'.  Press 'Yes' to continue.

Step 3


Press 'Next' to start the installation.

Step 4


It will prompt you for the destination folder location to install the driver.  Change the destination folder if you want to place it other than the suggested default location.  Press 'Install' to continue.

Step 5


Windows will prompt you to confirm the installation of the driver.  You can tick the "Always trust software from 'Zorloo (HK) Limited'" box and it will not ask this question again.  Press 'Install' to continue.

Step 6


Wait until the installation is complete and press 'Next' to continue.

Step 7


The driver installation is completed.  You can now plug in ZuperDAC and let Winodws to detect and configure the device.

Step 8


You will see the driver detect and configruation status shown at the bottom right corner of the Windows task bar.  Once the driver installation is complete, your ZuperDAC is ready to shine.

Step 9


Now you can go to Windows Control Panel to check and select the ZuperDAC as the default audio output device.  Click 'Sound' and enter the Sound setting panel.

Step 10


At the Sound panel Playback tab, you should find 'Zorloo ZuperDAC' entry in the output device table 

Step 11


Select 'Zorloo ZuperDAC' and click 'Set Default' button. Windows will now use ZuperDAC as the default sound output.

Step 12


You can select the Advanced tab and it will show all the sampling frequency and bit-depth supported.  Please notice that ZuperDAC supports 88.2kHz and 176.4kHz sampling frequency at 24-bit but this is not supported by Windows system.  You can use music player like foobar2000 to support these combinations.


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