Aero Digital Earphone (Micro-USB)


Aero digital earphone for Micro-USB - Aero is our 2nd generation digital earphone. It is upgraded with the ESS Sabre 9018 integrated DAC and headphone amplifier. With its native Micro-USB support, you can connect it directly to your latest Android mobile phone using Micro-USB. The big (14.8mm) earphone driver deliver powerful, clear and detail sound stage for your enjoyment.

  • Details

    • Digital USB Audio connection through Micro-USB
    • Integrated on board ESS Sabre 9018 HiFi Audio DAC
    • Earphone amplified audio output
    • Aluminum earphone driver enclosure
    • Detachable 14.8mm earphone driver for easy replacement
    • Carrying pouch included
    • Compatible with major Android mobile phones (see our FAQ page)
    • Works with PC/Mac thru the bundled PC USB adapter
    • Shipping to Hong Kong is free
    • $7-9 shipping charge to rest of the world by postal (~2 weeks)
    • Tax and duties not included